COVID-19 Information

Keeping safe at school


Help everyone to keep safe at drop off and pick up time:

  • Follow the one way system
  • Drop off/collect quickly - DO NOT stop to chat with friends

We will keep children safe in school:

  • Regular hand washing
  • Use of sanitising gel
  • Increased cleaning of the school
  • Children learning, playing and eating in class bubbles


COVID-19 school - specific information and reminders 

  • Please do NOT send your child to school if they are displaying symptoms of coronavirus
  • Please do NOT send your child to school if any member of your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus
  • Should any of the above apply to you, you MUST phone the school to let us know
  • For advice on symptoms ring 111 and follow the government guidance.  Should anyone in your household be required to take a test, it will also be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to let the school know the outcome of the test
  • NHS 111 are NOT able to arrange or advise how to obtain a COVID-19 test.

If you have any other questions or concerns, then please call the school andwe will do our very best to respond to them


Please read our Protective measures handbook


If you are still unsure what to do if your child has a cough/cold please read the following  information chart


Please see COVID-19 measures taken by our catering team, Sodexo

Letter to parents and Information diagram