Easton CE Academy – Our Vision and Values



Our vision is to be a great school which provides a great service to our community now and for years to come. We want every child, through their time at Easton, to become the best they can be. We want them to learn to live out the Easton values in their daily life.


Values - Excellence with Equity; Endeavour with Enjoyment – ‘Raise your flag’


Excellence – Our aim is to be the best we can be. Every day we try to do our brilliant best. We celebrate our successes together.


Equity – Everyone matters at Easton. We love being different and belonging together. Every day we show kindness and respect to one another and never attack our differences.


Endeavour - Every day we work hard. We are resilient and determined learners. We welcome our mistakes and failures because they help us learn.


Enjoyment - We enjoy every day and look forward to each tomorrow. Every day we say thank you for our life together and the wonderful world we live in.


‘Raise Your flag’ – we want children to grow into confident, contributing adult citizens. We want them to make their mark - to go and make their school, their family, their neighbourhood, their community and their world a better place.




Our Everyday Easton questions


Excellence - Did you do your best today?

Equity - Did you show kindness today?

Endeavour - Did you work hard today?

Enjoyment - Did you enjoy today?


If ‘Yes’ - Thank you

If ‘No ’- We can try again tomorrow!


Our school values are supported by our calm school code.


Our Calm School Code


Act kindly and show respect

Speak nicely

Work hard

Move calmly

Listen carefully