Easton CE Academy Sports Premium Statement

Easton CE has been awarded a Sports Premium Grant since 2014/15 academic year. The school will continue to receive approximately £8000-10,000 per year, based on our current intake.

The purpose of this government grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport within schools, with schools being given freedom to choose how best to spend the money in order to do this. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.  We at Easton CE value sport and the life lessons that it can teach children, therefore we have spent much more than the sports premium budget on sport. 

Easton CE has decided to spend the money awarded to develop the following areas:

  1. To provide a greater range of sporting opportunities
  2. To improve the quality of sports coaching in school.
  3. To promote healthy lifestyles amongst our families.
  4. To play competitively across the city.
  5. Raise the profile of sport in the school.
  6. To help every child “get active”.

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