The whole school community at Easton CE Academy have a responsibility for safeguarding the children and young people that attend our school.

All staff have successfully completed the necesssary clearances to enable them to work with children and have received safeguarding training.  We have a specifically trained safeguarding team.

Please find further information regarding safeguarding at Easton CE Academy in the policies section of this website.


Our safeguarding team


  Peter Overton

Head teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

                                LADO Referral lead                                


                          Laura Connors                                Toria Moore

                  Assistant Head Teacher                            Home/School

                  Deputy Safeguarding Lead                       Support Worker

                  Prevent and E-Safety lead,                       Deputy Safeguarding Lead

                 designated teacher of                               FGM, CSE, Operational

                 children in care and                                 Young Carers Lead

                SLT Young Carers Lead                             and Domestic Violence




                  Clare Welbourne 

                Assistant Head Teacher

              Member of Safeguarding Team                                                     


                Lead in medical                                                                            

               and disability care.