Year Four

If you would like to see the curricular overview for Year 4 click here

Term 6

So far this term we have completed a poetry unit where we wrote poems about dreamcatchers. Before we started the creative writing process we made own dreamcatchers for the classroom. In Science we learning all about electricity and we have been investigating circuits. As always, we have been learning fantastic stories through Talk for Writing. Currently we are writing wishing tales based on King Midas.

Term 5

Our topic in term 5 and 6 is titled ‘Why do we Speak English?’ we’re learning about invaders and settlers and how they shaped the country we live in. We rein acted The Battles of Hastings on the field and visited Caldicot Castle for our school trip.




Term 4

In term we had our school science week. The children did many investigations throughout the week and witnessed a mind blowing assembly with plenty of BANG! Our topic in term was all about Pop Art. The children made t-shirts in the style of their favourite pop artist. 


Term 3

In term 3, we were learning about moving toys. The children made different toys using syringe and cam mechanisms. As part of our cooking curriculum we made food for the parents. 

Term 2

In Year 4, we have been learning all about the Festival of Light. We have been focusing on Diwali; we learned the story of Rama and Sita and retold it with actions using a story map. We also made Rangoli window decorations and wrote instruction for how to make them.

On Thursday afternoons, we have been very fortunate to receive rugby and football lessons from the coaches at Bristol Sport. 

Term 1 

In year 4, we had our stimulus day for our new story, the Pied Piper. A strange man in a mask, playing a pipe came and collect all the children from year 4 and led us through the woods and around the school.



We have been playing team games on the playground to develop team building skills.


In maths, we have been learning all about place value and number.


We have been learning about British values, we voted for our class council member using ballot papers and voting booths.