Year Six

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Term One

Festivals of light

We enjoyed learning about the Sikh religion and found it interesting that food is given away to anyone at the Gudwara. So we decided to cook a curry and share it with everyone at the festivals of light. Everyone loved it and it all got eaten up.


6DK had an amazing time at Into University. They really enjoyed an experiment where we cellotaped our thumbs and timed how long it would take to do things.

The zoo trip was amazing and learning about adaptations with real animals was brilliant. It was pretty scary holding the mealworms but we were all very brave.

We had a visitor teach us about how humans have evolved and we loved doing an archaeological dig for bones.

Year 6 love reading and even do it when waiting for a train.

We all graduated after doing a presentation at Bristol University.

Year 6 had a very special assembly to receive their purple jumpers. We have started the term thinking about why we deserve to wear a purple jumper and what qualities have we got that can help us to be role models in the school.


British values:

We have been learning about democracy and year 6 children set up a polling station for children to vote for their school councillor. It was a very successful day and all votes have been counted and re- counted before being announced in assembly.