Year Six

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Term 6

Year 6 have been enjoying writing lots of fantastic stories, diary’s and reports about World War Two and dinosaurs. We have produced some stunning work.

We have loved reading Carries War and Goodnight Mr Tom. Children can’t put the book down- even in their lunchtimes!

We have been busy practising for our play (We’ll Meet Again) which we will be performing in the last week of term.

We are reading ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and ‘Carries War’

We have been looking at the events in the life of Anne Frank and made timelines about what happened to her.

Year 6 have been learning about WW2.

We have WW2 themed book corners


Term 5


As a reward for hard work during SATs week, year 6 went to Felix Road Adventure Park for a morning of fun. The children enjoyed being active children for the morning: climbing, swinging and jumping.



For the start of our World War Two topic, we visited Tyntesfield National Trust House. It was an amazing day learning about the children that were evacuated to the house during the war. Making some delicious carrot fudge using rations was a particular highlight. The volunteers praised our school for their behaviour and interest.


Term 4

Drug awareness workshop with the police

Year 6 children enjoyed a workshop on drug awareness with the police. Some children were even filmed for a documentary.


Red nose day

On red nose day children got to watch a comedy film in the afternoon. Year 6 children had to prepare all the snacks to sell. We enjoyed making pizzas particularly.

Term 3

Both year 6 classes enjoyed spending a week learning to ride safely on the roads and completed a bikeabity course.

Inter house Hockey tournament

On a cold day in December, the year 6 children had a special house hockey tournament organised by Jake and Liam. The teamwork was great and all the children cheered each other on in the games.



Term three has started  really well and all the children are fully engrossed in the world of Harry Potter. As well as reading the first book together we had a fun first day back at school being taught by wizards, watching the film and we even got given a delicious chocolate frog in a beautiful box.


Amazingly, we received a letter from Harry Potter asking for some help designing and making a bag for his wand. After writing letters of complaint to other companies that make sub- standard wand bags, we have designed and started sewing our bags.

Term 2

Thank your teacher day:

The children who did not go to camp enjoyed spending a day writing a letter to thank the teacher that has made a difference in their lives. They also made them a delicious cake and write some instructions. Giving the cakes and letters to the teachers was the most enjoyable part of the day.



We had a lovely day visiting the M Shed and enjoyed writing leaflets to persuade people to visit the M Shed. There was a particularly interesting display on Somali people in Bristol.


Both year 6 classes enjoyed spending a week with our friends from the charity Into University doing a focus week on evolution. On the last day we got to visit Bristol University and parents came to see us graduate in the Wells building.


As part of our Into University week we visited Bristol Zoo and enjoyed a workshop on adaptation. Amazingly, we got to hold some of the animals.


We had a great time exploring Clearwell Caves. Some of the holes we needed to squeeze through were tiny but we helped each other out.

Shelter building:

We spent an hour in the forest building shelters. Mr Overton got a little bit excited and wanted to test how waterproof they were. Luckily, we didn’t get too wet.


Going through the tunnels was easy but climbing back out was tricky. You never knew where you would come out.

Island hopping:

If you didn’t work together as a team you would end up in the water. After successfully getting to the other side of the pond Mrs Hatfield let us jump into it.




Term 1

We drew self portraits looking at shape and size.





Democracy in action! After learning about democracy, children gave a short speech about why they would make a good house captain and then we voted.


British Values- Democracy

Year 6 held a voting day for School Council elections. Each class visited the polling station and then the year 6 children signed them in on a register to check everyone turned up to vote. They then went to a voting booth to vote using a voting slip. Then they put it in the ballot box. After everyone had voted year 6 children counted up the votes and announced the results in assembly.