Year Three

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Term Two

In Year 3 we have had a very exciting start to the term.

We ate some different fruits and then described their taste. Some tasted deliciously juicy and fresh while others were rather boring and soft. Some of us really liked Sharon fruits, some of us really enjoyed eating blueberries but Miss Brugger’s favourite was by far the Cantaloupe melon. We are now learning all about Nail Soup. Let’s see if we can use our fruit tasting experience when we write our own stories.

In maths, we improved our team working skills. Look at us working together!

We then cooked a vegetable soup. Instruction writing will be so much easier now that we know how to make a delicious soup.

Graffiti! One of our favourite year 3 topics. In groups, we chose a word that we connect with our school. We then spray-painted the background and the letters. We had so much fun!

Our favourite time of day is Reading for Fun! We get to choose a book, newspaper, comic or picture book and read it with our partner. We can choose if we want to sit on a chair or get comfortable on the floor.

Year 3 is so much fun!


Term One

Year 3 has started really well. We have designed our class shields and learned lots about democracy by voting for the shield we thought represented our class the best. We also voted for our class councillor on voting day. We had to register, collect our ballot paper, go to a ballot booth and then drop our vote into the ballot box. Abdihafid was voted to represent Bilby class.