Curriculum overview

At Easton CE Academy we have designed a curriculum to;

  • Establish high standards of literacy and numeracy as a key priority
  • Ensure high standards of attainment and achievement in all other subjects
  • Support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Support pupils in understanding their rights and responsibilities and develop their sense of citizenship
  • Foster creativity and inspire pupils to develop high aspirations for themselves and a life-long commitment to learning
  • Develop essential learning and life skills including Information Communication Technology ( ICT) and Computing
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle


Across the school, in each year group, we have developed a vibrant and creative curriculum aimed at engaging learners and enabling them to encounter, explore, and experience their local community, our great city and the wider world in which they live in.

The year group curriculum is enhanced by whole school themed days and weeks such as our festival craft Days and story-telling, healthy living and subject focus weeks. These offer the children a wide range of learning opportunities to further enrich learning. The children also have opportunities throughout the year to work with experts such as our Artist in Residence and professional sports coaches. 

Please take a look at the new RE Curriculum overview here.

If you have any queries about the Easton curriculum please do get in touch by calling 0117 377 3070 or emailing